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The top cock crows first.

Image: Flickr/Staffan Andersson The hierarchical inlet of duck multitude is good famous (cue “pecking order” joke). But did you know it even controls behaviors as deeply secure as crowing at dawn? Well, this study suggests just that: these scientists got up very early over many days to watch groups of …

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Acidifying Oceans Favor Sea Vermin

A common triplefin, one of the fish class that may browbeat ascetic habitats in the near, acidic future. Photo c/o Wikimedia Scientists envision that in the next twenty years, the volume of CO dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere will arise from the roughly 404 ppm it is now to over 450 ppm—and as …

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What Would It Take to Wipe Out All Life on Earth?

(Credit: Shutterstock) The first exoplanet was speckled in 1988. Since then some-more than 3,000 planets have been found outward the solar system, and it’s suspicion that around 20 percent of Sun-like stars have an Earth-like world in their habitable zones. We don’t nonetheless know if any of these horde life …

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The "Eleven Dimensional" Brain? Topology of Neural Networks

Last month, a neuroscience paper seemed that triggered a maelstrom of media hype: The Human Brain Can Create Structures in Up to 11 Dimensions The human brain sees the star as an 11-dimensional multiverse Scientists find puzzling shapes and structures in the brain with up to ELEVEN measure The paper, …

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Ariz. man accused of killing partner laughed on 911 call

An Arizona man accused of fatally sharpened his partner laughed during a call he placed to 911 to report the incident, police said. Teddy Vanders, 52, called police early Thursday morning after sharpened and killing his live-in girlfriend. According to justice papers obtained by CBS 5, Vanders seemed to “chuckle” …

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Workers in Miss. city banned from using dungeon phones, TV at work

Get off the phone! Officials in one Mississippi city have told their employees to stop chatting — and examination TV — during business hours. Or else. The revised manners in Vicksburg, Miss., follow complaints by taxpayers, according to alderman Alex Monsour. Residents were angry that city workers were “using dungeon …

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