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Spot a Squirrel and Help Science

Citizen Science Salon, brought to you by SciStarter, is where scholarship enthusiasts can join forces with top researchers. We’ll underline weekly collaborative, crowdsourced, and DIY investigate projects that describe to what you’re reading about in Discover, so you can take scholarship into your own hands. You can also find us …

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A Unified Theory of Fairy Circle Formation

Fairy circles in Namibia. (Credit: Felix Lipov/Shutterstock) The puzzling angel circles that form unchanging hexagonal patterns in the Namibian dried have prolonged confounded researchers. Thousands of unclothed rags organised in a grid and measuring anywhere from 6 to over a hundred feet in hole speckle the dried via the country. …

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Flashback Friday: Are bears really captivated to menstruating women?

Photo: flickr/peupleloup This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a materials and methods territory that included a bloody tampon. And we trust that it won’t be the last. Here, the researchers tested the commonly-held faith that bears are captivated to menstruating women. But the best partial was their initial setup: …

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Researchers Uncover Twitter Bot Army That’s 350,000 Strong

There’s an army sneaking in the underbelly of Twitter. Legions of feign Twitter accounts, called bots, ramble the virtual social media landscape, mostly wreaking massacre wherever they go. You’ve substantially encountered these accounts, those supposed eggheads, in Twitter’s gross wilderness. They seem drawn to domestic conversations, but are mostly used to artificially …

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And the Squirrels were Merry

By: Russ Campbell I grew up in Fishtown, Philadelphia, an middle city grid of red-brick quarrel homes, dilemma bars, candy shops, and barely-breathing factories. Fishtown was not famous for its wildlife. There were birds. A far-reaching variety, if two depends as a far-reaching variety: big birds (pigeons) and tiny birds …

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