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10 books everybody is reading right now

Summer is the ideal time to locate up on your reading list.Flickr/Pedro Ribeiro Simões Half the fun of reading is articulate about what books make you think, feel, and learn with friends and coworkers. But that review will be a lot some-more engaging if you’re reading the same thing. We went …

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Are Kim Jong-un’s missiles ‘fake wooden boxes’?

Are Kim Jong-Un’s missiles fake? (Picture: BBC) The internet is land with claims that the rockets on display in North Korea were not real. Videos from the march on Easter Day have been called into question, after at slightest one of the missiles could be seen with a ‘wonky’ nose. …

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Meet Violet Mosse Brown, the new ‘world’s oldest person’

She avoids rum but loves going to church (Picture: Jamaica-gleaner/Sheena Gayle) The oldest person in the universe is now Violet Mosse Brown, a 117-year-old lady from Jamaica. Congratulations, Violet! Known as ‘Aunt V’ to friends, she was innate in Trelawney on Mar 10, 1900 and has lived there all of her …

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Herd of elephants get punish after crocodile attacks baby

The crocodile could be seen clamping on to the elephant’s case (Picture: Youtube/ Alexander Makanga) This crocodile will substantially consider twice before seeking out a baby elephant for its next meal. Dramatic footage shows a flock of elephants spin on the invertebrate after it launched an attack on the tot as …

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Five passed after craft crashes into Lidl supermarket in Portugal

Tragédia há momentos na zona de Tires, S. Domingos de Rana, queda de avião após descolagem. Oxalá não haja vítimas a lamentar pic.twitter.com/r0ZGxmZo08 — Nuno Inverno (@NunoInverno) April 17, 2017 A craft has crashed ‘on top of a bend of Lidl supermarket’ in Portugal, according to internal reports. Stunning photographs …

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