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Can You Help Solve the ‘Shackleton Scribble’ Mystery?

(Credit: RSGS) After some-more than a century, a puzzling shorthand summary exhumed from the repository is confounding scientists and chronological societies alike. In the winter of 1903, on returning from his very first Antarctic expedition, Sir Ernest Shackleton found himself in need of a job. He practical for a secretary …

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To Save Australia’s Biodiversity, Put Kangaroo on the Menu

(Credit: structuresxx/Shutterstock) In Australia, a doubt lingers: Do we fire the kangaroos? The tender sounds a bit inhumane at first blush, after all, the kangaroo stands proudly on the Australian cloak of arms. The bouncing beasts are a tie of the outback. But in new years, the roos have been …

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Volcano Restless? Where to Find Info Online

The 2015 tear of Calbuco in Chile. Image by Carolina Barría Kemp, CC BY-SA 2.0. Back on the old blog, we used to do visit updates on volcanic eruptions around the world. Now that I’m covering a wider margin of geology, those are a little some-more uncommon. There is a …

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Are Genes to Blame for Cavity-causing Bacteria?

This is NOT a scientifically accurate painting of verbal bacteria. (Credit: Shutterstock) Were you innate to have bad teeth, or did you mangle them? When it comes to allocating censure for tooth decay, one of the many common ongoing childhood diseases worldwide, experts indicate fingers at both genes and dental …

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A Grim Future For Earth’s ‘Third Pole’

One-third of Asia’s high towering glaciers will warp — even if the Paris Agreement succeeds. Afternoon clouds hurl into a Himalayan hollow next Yala Glacier Basecamp in Nepal. (Credit: Joseph Shea) There’s so much ice packaged into the high plateau of Asia that scientists call it Earth’s “Third Pole.” The …

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Darryl Strawberry rips Mets, praises George Steinbrenner

Darryl Strawberry says the Mets incited their backs on him, so he’s returning the favor. That was the overarching view from the former Mets and Yankees universe champion in an talk with WABC Radio on Tuesday, observant that the Queens classification doesn’t honour the players from the ’86 World Series …

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