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Why is Boxing Day called Boxing Day?

Boxing Day isn’t just about discount sport (Picture: REX/Shutterstock) Christmas 2017 is quick coming and the gratifying radio adverts are out in full force, as good as intemperate decorations on shop floors. Boxing Day is really a liberation day as some (probably most) of us helper bruise heads. Do you know …

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Winter is coming – but UK should equivocate big freeze

It will be a colder-than-normal winter (Picture: AFP/Getty) Temperatures may have picked up a little now as rain and breeze replaces frost. But it looks as yet the winter will get chillier – and wetter. Do you know this toilet perv who put cameras in Starbucks to spy on customers …

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Flybe moody grounded since of a quarrel over a toilet

Kieran Tabberner, from Paradise Lane, Hall Green, became ‘aggressive and abusive’ after being told he couldn’t use the toilet by an air hostess.(Picture: BPM Media) A craft streamer to Amsterdam had to be grounded following a quarrel about a toilet. Kieran Tabberner, from Paradise Lane, Hall Green, became ‘aggressive and abusive’ after …

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Mum with obsession to Coca-Cola drank 5 cans every day

Sarah Croxall is finished with Coca-Cola (Picture: Mercury Press) A mum-of-two has incited her life around by ditching her obsession to Coca-Cola that left her celebration 5 cans of the fizzy splash every day. Sarah Croxall was finally desirous to change her diet when she queued for hours for a …

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Homeopathy is killing people’s pets

Some vets contend homeopathy is harming pets (Picture: Getty) Pets are failing from upsetting and preventable diseases since some vets are using ‘unscientific’ homeopathic treatments, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has said. Animals humour when vets omit normal methods and put faith in ‘unproven claims’, it warned. Do you …

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