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20 Things You Didn’t Know About … Yoga

1. Yoga currently is a mainstream aptness activity; 1 in 5 American adults participates in what many people trust is an ancient practice. Surprise: The yoga you’re going to the pad for isn’t that old. 2. What we generally consider of as yoga began in late 19th century India, when …

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Meerkats Can Thank Bacteria for Their Signature Butt Scents

When Disney’s animators were creating Timon, the energetic meerkat sidekick in The Lion King, the partial where he turns his anal tote inside-out and marks his domain must have been left on the slicing room floor. Not once does Timon allegation scented boundary pulp on a branch. But genuine meerkats use their anal smell glands to …

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Ancient DNA Unravels Cat Domestication Like Ball of Yarn

A new study fills gaps in the when and where of cat domestication, explaining how the animals went from gaunt hunters to, uh, this. (Credit G. Tarlach…yes, it’s my cat, but don’t kvetch about his obesity. we took the photo shortly after we adopted him. Thanks to clever government he is …

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