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Walmart is formulating totally new kinds of food in a secret laboratory to contest with Amazon (WMT)

Walmart is re-engineering fruits and vegetables. Getty Images Walmart invented a cantaloupe that stays honeyed year-round, tomatoes that can ship long distances but rotting, and a yellow-skinned watermelon. The tradesman is flourishing the dishes from seeds in a secret laboratory. Walmart is modifying food to compute its grocery charity from Amazon.   Walmart is formulating new …

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This huge inhabitant lab helped give birth to the nuclear age — here’s what’s going on inside now

Lydia Ramsey LEMONT, Illinois — we suspicion my first revisit to a Department of Energy lab would be suggestive of the Hawkins National Laboratory, the top-secret trickery decorated in “Stranger Things.” The Argonne National Laboratory, founded in 1946, is roughly 30 miles from downtown Chicago in Lemont, Illinois. It grew out of the Manhattan Project at the …

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23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki’s invulnerability of her ex-husband’s weird FiveFinger boots is a glimpse into how she thinks

Anne Wojcicki Flickr / Thomas Hawk 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki says ex-husband Sergey Brin wears bizarre boots since he is creative. The story, created by Times columnist Maureen Dowd, is featured in the Times’ impression territory and details Wojcicki’s past high-profile relations with Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Major League Baseball …

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