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Sega announce Vanquish for Steam – out this month

Vanquish – tough to beat Platinum’s classical third person shooter is coming to PC, with unbarred support rate of up to 144fps and 4K support. It was apparent it was coming, but after the unexpected, but entirely deserved, success of Bayonetta, Sega is assisting to bring another of Platinum’s classics …

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Strafe examination – xtreme first person shooting

Strafe (PC) – fire bad guys like it’s 1996 Wind the time back to 1996 and knowledge gaming from the emergence of complicated first person shooters, in this amatory loyalty to Quake. Nostalgia is a tricky judgment when it comes to video games. It’s ideally healthy to feel an connection …

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Hitman developer Io-Interactive dumped by Square Enix

Hitman – even Agent 47 can’t urge against corporate assassination In startle news, the creator of Hitman is to be sole off by owners Square Enix and could even be close down if a customer isn’t found. This has come totally out of the blue, but it looks like Square …

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LocoRoco Remastered examination – bouncing back

LocoRoco Remastered (PS4) – squeeze it now on PS4 One of the PSP’s best games is remade for the PlayStation 4, in what is one of Sony’s many charming adventures. Although the PSP is prolonged lost by many Western gamers, the fact is it was a hugely successful console. Thanks …

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