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The Neuroscience of Seeing an Ex

When we arrived at the drink bar, there was only one open list — dimly illuminated and intimate. The booze, music and candlelight felt like a callback to the first lick 15 years before, almost to the day. There was no sign of him, so we systematic a chardonnay and …

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About … Earthquakes

11. But slower, delegate S waves, the other form of physique wave, pierce particles perpendicular to the instruction the call itself is traveling: up and down or side to side. 12. Surface waves, which transport only at or nearby Earth’s surface, actually means the many damage. These waves pierce slower …

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Genomics Is Buried in Too Much Data

(Credit: Alix Kreil/Shutterstock) When a bruise throat and sinus overload aver a revisit to the doctor, your medicine will try to establish either a cold pathogen or bacterial infection is to blame—oftentimes but success. So, just to be safe, they competence write a potentially nonessential book for an antibiotic. But …

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13,000-Year-Old Fillings Prove Ancient Dentistry Was Brutal

A span of 13,000-year-old incisors with excavated pits indicating dental work. (Credit: American Journal of Physical Anthropology) Going to the dentist may not be any fun today, but 13,000 years ago it would have been undisguised traumatic. Before the age of painkillers, specialized collection and antibiotics, dentists used a accumulation …

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