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Vice Media has a crafty devise for the finish of net neutrality — it’s building a radical community-owned internet service

Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters Vice’s Motherboard is attempting to build its own community-based internet network in hopes of moving a national grassroots movement. Motherboard will start building their community-owned internet network someday next year.  Vice Media isn’t just grumbling about the FCC’s pierce to kill net neutrality, it’s doing something about it. …

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A dispute is brewing between Mueller and Trump’s transition group over ‘tens of thousands’ of emails he obtained

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Alex Wong/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s transition team’s lawyer claims special warn Robert Mueller’s bureau illegally obtained “tens of thousands” of transition officials’ emails. The emails were supposing to Mueller by officials at the General Services Administration, the supervision group which hosted the transition team’s email …

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A new check shows meaningful signs for Republicans in 2018

Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden on Capitol Hill. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images New polls show electorate wish Democrats to control Congress. Senate Democrats have a tough electoral map in 2018. Many congressional Republican leaders and domestic pundits were discerning to write-off Doug Jones’ dissapoint feat in Alabama as a portion …

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Grounds for impeachment or a ‘witch hunt’?: How the left and right see the Trump-Russia firestorm so very differently

President Donald Trump in Florida.REUTERS/Carlo Allegri The Russia debate has stubborn President Donald Trump given he took bureau in January. He has regularly disparaged the Russia review as a politically-motivated “witch hunt.” His far-right media allies and some Republican lawmakers agree, while other regressive legislators trust the review is convincing …

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