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How to clear shopping the $999 iPhone X, in one chart

YouTube/MKBHD The normal smartphone owners in the US keeps their phone for 22.7 months, or 690 days. On a daily basis, an iPhone is cheaper than a crater of coffee, but some-more costly than other equipment you use every day, like your mattress.   Compared to your daily crater of …

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Dana Perino reveals how she became the White House’s 2nd-ever womanlike Press Secretary and a Fox News star — and how she got stuck revelation the universe about Bill O’Reilly

. Dana Perino was the White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, and she now hosts “The Daily Briefing” on Fox News. AP Images Dana Perino was the first Republican lady to offer as White House press secretary, from Sep 2007 until the end of President George W. …

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These are the top 9 investment bank internships

REUTERS/Andrew Burton Investment banking is one of the many rival areas of finance.  In sequence to mangle in, immature Wall Streeters need smarts, tenacity, and the wherewithal to hoop the work bucket and notoriously prolonged hours. Internship knowledge is also a must.  To help you find the best internships on the …

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