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Donald Trump calls Kim Jong-un a ‘pretty smart cookie’

Donald Trump has described Kim Jong-un as a ‘pretty tough cookie’ (Picture; CBS) Donald Trump has described Kim Jong-un as a ‘pretty smart cookie’ in an talk in which he also certified he has no thought if the North Korean personality is sane. The US President done the comments while …

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Angela Merkel joins Theresa May in not wearing hijab in Saudi Arabia

Angela Merkel followed other unfamiliar womanlike visitors in refusing to wear a hijab (Picture: AP) Germany’s Angela Merkel has followed Theresa May’s lead by opting not to wear a hijab during a revisit to Saudi Arabia. The country’s dominion enforces a despotic dress code that states women must wear a full-length …

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Turbulence was so bad passengers finished up with ‘spinal injuries’

Two passengers had to bear emergency medicine (Picture: Instagram/Evgenia Zibrova) Around 20 people were seriously harmed after their craft hit ‘severe turbulence’. Some people suffered broken spines as a outcome of the turbulence 40 mins into their moody from Moscow to Bangkok. Heroin play told his eremite beliefs don’t concede him …

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