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Bulge in Venus’ Atmosphere Likely Caused by Gravity Waves

The vast crawl call is manifest in the top atmosphere of Venus in this infrared image. (Credit: ©Planet-C) A massive, bow-shaped call was speckled for the first time in the top regions of Venus’ atmosphere, confusing astronomers. The structure was prisoner by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in some …

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After a Cave Turns Deadly, Scientists Seek Answers

Raul Perez Lopez peers into the dark of CJ-3, a cavern that’s mysteriously losing its oxygen. (Credit: Antonio Marcos Nuez) A lethal poser lingers in a cavern in northern Spain. A sign at the opening warns visitors not to enter. For decades, speleologists have trained inside CJ-3, a 164-foot-deep cavern in …

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Op, Op, Op. The Neuroscience of Gangnam Style?

“Our results suggested evil patterns of brain activity compared with Gangnam Style”. So contend the authors of a new paper called Neural correlates of the renouned music phenomenon. The authors, Qiaozhen Chen et al. from Zhejiang in China, used fMRI to record brain activity while 15 volunteers listened to two …

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