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Mustafa Suleyman: The magnanimous romantic who cofounded Google’s £400 million synthetic comprehension lab (GOOG)

Mustafa Suleyman is cofounder and conduct of unsentimental AI at Google DeepMind.DeepMind Mustafa Suleyman is a 33-year-old businessman and activist.  He sole his synthetic comprehension company DeepMind to Google for £400 million in 2014.  Suleyman forsaken out of university and worked as an romantic before getting concerned in synthetic intelligence.  …

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The 20 best-selling cars and trucks in America

Ford About 17.2 million cars and trucks were sole in the US last year, according to Kelly Blue Book.  The top-selling automobile was Ford’s F-Series.  The best-selling SUV was the Toyota Rav 4.  And the many renouned sedan was the Toyota Camry, yet its sales forsaken from 2016.  Americans continue …

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Hong Kong is so costly that architects are building 100-square-foot ‘tube homes’ done from petrify water pipes

Architect James Law inside a antecedent of a “tube home.”James Law Cybertecture For the past 7 years, Hong Kong has held the pretension of the world’s priciest city for home-buyers, according to the 2017 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey. James Law, a Hong Kong-based architect, believes that his micro-homes could help assuage …

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