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Venice’s canals have run dry following weeks but rain

An well-developed low tide has hit Venice (Picture: Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images) Venice’s famous canals have run dry following weeks but rain. The surprising weather has left the city’s iconic gondolas stranded in sand as water levels dump to a reported record low of 70cm. Disabled child left covered in blood …

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Trapped bullion miners liberated in South Africa

A discovered miner gestures out a train window carrying some of the hundreds of miners discovered (Picture: AFP/Getty Images) All 955 workers trapped in a South African bullion cave have been freed. They had been stuck subterraneous in Welkom, Free State province, for 32 hours following a energy outage but …

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Mum says stripping for a vital creates her a ‘better parent’

She has also formerly done webcam on and off, writes erotica and sells her own porn. (Picture: Krystyna Solodenko/ Barcroft Images) A stripper and sex author who often refers to herself as an ‘unlicensed underwear therapist’ pronounced she believes her pursuit creates her a better mum. Elle Stanger from Portland, Oregon, who lives …

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Stop what you’re doing and demeanour at this stately lion

Well would you demeanour at that (Picture: Caters) Stop what you’re doing and demeanour at this lion. Right now. Just demeanour at him. Have you ever seen anything so God damn stately in your whole life? Disabled child left covered in blood after ‘bullies kick him up outward school’ Why …

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Slender Man attacker, 15, gets 40 years in psychiatric hospital

Morgan Geyser graphic during yesterday’s conference (AP) A 15 year-old girl was condemned to 40 years in a psychiatric hospital Thursday for stabbing her crony 19 times to try and damp the ‘Slender Man’. Morgan Geyser, 15, wanted to kill sixth-grade classmate Payton Leutner to damp the illusory impression in …

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