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Teen says Trump lawyers targeted her over her kitten website

Me-ow. A tech-savvy teen says the authorised group for President Trump’s classification targeted her over her website that lets kitten paws punch POTUS in the face, the Observer reports — but the organization’s lawyers are refuting her statements. Three weeks after San Francisco 17-year-old Lucy put up her nonsensical site …

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5 reasons because you shouldn’t feel bad about eating butter

Good news, everybody who likes tasty food. Butter isn’t bad for you anymore. Some people, like author Elaine Khosrova, even consider it’s good for you. “It’s the feign things we try to surrogate for butter that’s doing us critical harm,” she writes in her new book “Butter, A Rich History.” …

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Dylan’s Candy Bar is coming to Broadway

New to the scene… *Candy black Dylan Lauren snagged the golden ticket. The New York City chocolatier and owners of her namesake sovereignty Dylan’s Candy Bar, will be the central candy curator for Broadway’s arriving low-pitched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Lauren’s candy will be sole at the newly renovated …

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Japanese service lets you buy friends for facebook pictures

Scared of being all by your selfie? Japanese company, Family Romance  (can’t make this things up), is making it their goal to make you cold — or at slightest help you fake you’re cold on the internet. Their “Real Appeal” service allows business in Japan to rent-a-friend who will duty …

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6 running-safe tips for women

Running outward (for those of us who can) is an impossibly pardon way of exercising. But the leisure of the good outdoor can have its dangers – generally for women, as we’ve seen time and time again. But you don’t have to run afraid. Here are 6 ways to stay …

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How are sticking vitamins not candy?

The bottom line on sticking vitamins — which demeanour possibly suspiciously (if you’re heedful of them) or promisingly (if you’re into the thought of them) like candy — is radically … oh, forget it; there is no bottom line. As with unchanging tablet vitamins, the jury stays stubbornly out as …

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