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The Mesentery: The Human Body’s 79th Organ?

(Credit: J Calvin Coffey/D Peter O’Leary/Henry Vandyke Carter) To the 78 viscera that make up the human body, a organisation of scientists says we should supplement one more: the mesentery. Located in the abdominal cavity, the mesentery is a belt of hankie that binds the viscera in place. While anatomists …

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What Happens to Rejected Papers?

The pain of rejecting is one that every scientist has felt: but what happens to papers after they’re declined by a journal? In a new study, researchers Earnshaw et al. traced the predestine of almost 1,000 manuscripts which had been submitted to and deserted by ear, nose and throat biography …

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Donald Trump is staid to paint America’s law red

PERHAPS the biggest decision Donald Trump faces in Jan is his choice of hopeful for the Supreme Court. But the president-elect will have many some-more opportunities to make his symbol on the judiciary. When Mr Trump takes bureau on Jan 20th, he will have over 100 dull or soon-to-be dull …

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How to remove votes and annoy people

SLYLY and but warning, on Jan 2nd Republican congressmen announced as their first major beginning of the new year a scheme so crassly self-interested as to advise they had schooled zero from the old one. Denizens of a reviled institution, and a party railroaded by Donald Trump’s populist insurgency, the …

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