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Mighty Quinn: Feb. 13

“Dear Mighty. Last week my crony Tommy and we (who we met when the daughters starting personification softball together 3-4 years ago) were examination the girls Madison and Hailey during their pitching/catching lesson. Tommy and we were deliberating the adore for sports and the Daily News when MQ came up. Amazingly, we found out that my crony Tommy is zero other than Tommy (Salty) Trapani, boss of the Seaford section of the MQFC. Who knew we was unresolved out with MQ kingship all this time?

“Salty says we need a nickname. we told him you tried years ago but zero stuck. Take care, Mighty, Love to DQ!” — Kirk Anderson, founder and boss of the LBA section of the MQFC.

Owen’s In: Carmine Sgroi: “Owen Pettit, who reads you every day, wants to be President of the Flushing section of the MQFC. Mighty, Owen’s your favorite sportswriter.”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Mighty was watchful on East Tennessee State (+1 1/2) on Monday and likes Maryland (+2) on Tuesday. The necessity is 510 sirignanos.

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