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Alabama’s Reuben Foster unsuccessful drug test at combine

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster may have harm his very high breeze batch again.

Foster’s urine representation at the NFL mix came back diluted, which, by NFL rules, means it is treated like a citation that has tested certain for a banned substance, according to NFL.com.

The linebacker says that a case of food poisoning is to censure for the diluted test.

To get better before the combine, Foster was on IV fluids and claims he “drank and ate as much as we could but throwing up.”

“I couldn’t eat much, but we had to splash water and Gatorade,” he said. “Then a few coaches pronounced something about me being too light… so we drank and ate as much as we could but throwing up. Then we went in there, celebration and celebration water, trying to flush out my complement from whatever was making me sick and trying to keep my weight up and took the test.”

Regardless of the reasoning, every group in the joining was told of the certain test.

This is the latest hiccup for Foster, 23, as he hopes to sojourn in the top 10 of many breeze boards.

He was sent home from the mix for arguing with a hospital worker over because he was watchful so prolonged for the medical contrast partial of the eventuality to be completed.

After the incident, Foster wrote reparation letters to all 32 teams.

Making stream matters worse for Foster, he may need to get medicine on his right shoulder forward of the draft.

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