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Woman incidentally killed her dog by personification fetch too many times

Woman incidentally killed her dog by personification fetch too many times
Hanz the Schnauzer tragically died (Picture: Caters)

A warning from a lamentation dog owners has left viral after she describes incidentally killing her dog with a diversion of fetch.

Hanz, a two-year-old Schnauzer, collapsed and died of water intoxication on Aug 12 after he chased sticks into a lake around 20 times during a family party one afternoon.

The dog unwittingly swallowed too much water as he fetched the sticks and swam back to his owners with his mouth open.

This caused his sodium levels to dump – famous as hyponatremia – which then led to deadly brain damage.

Heartbroken owners Jen Walsh, 42, posted a warning on Facebook that has given had almost 85,000 likes and shares.

Woman incidentally killed her dog by personification fetch too many times
It was Hanz’s first revisit to open water (Picture: Caters)

Jen, who lives in the Northern California foothills, said: ‘Hanz positively desired to fetch, and we had no suspicion throwing your dog a hang could be a risk.

‘We threw sticks and tennis balls for him all the time. When we realised that had caused his death, we was totally horrified. we just thought, “Why did no one tell me about this?”

‘Hanz substantially fetched the hang 20 times over an hour and a half. He was spooky with the water, and he desired personification fetch.

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‘We didn’t know what had happened – he had been using around fine, then within 20 mins something was seriously wrong and within an hour he was dead.

‘We had no suspicion dogs can take on too much water while personification in the water and that this can means them so much harm.

‘I feel lots of shame to know we had put him at risk and we didn’t even know it. We actually suspicion it was good for him, as we were giving him practice and gripping him cool.

‘Even people who have been vets for years do not know about this – people just haven’t listened of it. Even when he started deteriorating, we never suspected it was anything to do with attractive the stick.

‘It was just crazy he went so fast, from using around to left in reduction than an hour. He was so spooky with the water and he died doing what he loved, which is a tiny comfort.

‘It’s sad, since dogs adore the water so much, but we don’t consider we would let the next dog we have go in the water at all.’

What is dog water intoxication, and how do you forestall it?

Water intoxication affects humans and animals and is caused by ingesting too much water in a brief space of time.

This causes low levels of sodium in the blood, famous as hyponatremia, which causes the cells to take on some-more water and bloat – heading to potentially-fatal brain damage.

It is many ordinarily seen in smaller dogs, leaner dogs with reduction physique fat, very enterprising and fit dogs and dogs which are feeling with water.

Symptoms embody detriment of coordination, lethargy, glassy eyes, extreme drooling, seizures, coma, bloating, queasiness and problem breathing.

If you consider your dog is pang from dog water intoxication, get them to the oldster immediately.

Owners should guard dogs which are very active in water and safeguard they get unchanging rest breaks. A large, complicated mill can also be placed in their water play to delayed them down.

The outing to the lake was Hanz’s first time swimming in open water, and the family had taken him as a treat.

Less than an hour after the diversion of fetch, Hanz unexpected became dull and seemed ‘drunk’.

He was rushed to the vets, with Jen’s husband Don attempting CPR on the sick dog.

But tragically, the vets conspicuous there was zero they could do, and Hanz was conspicuous passed that same day.

‘Some people who have left by the same may consider their dog has drowned and not realize what has actually happened,’ Jen said.

‘If we had famous about water intoxication, maybe there would have been something some-more we could have finished to save him.

‘Knowing what happened to Hanz could save other dogs’ lives and that his death was not in vain has really helped us understanding with the lamentation process.’

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