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Queen was ‘almost killed’ in inside up assassination try by 17-year-old

Queen was 'almost killed' in inside up assassination try by 17-year-old
A new report has suggested that there was an assassination try on the Queen during her outing to New Zealand in 1981 (Picture: Getty)

The Queen was almost assassinated by a teen during a state revisit to New Zealand in 1981, a new report has revealed. 

Christopher John Lewis, who was just 17 at the time, assimilated throngs of people who had incited out to see the Queen and Prince Phillip during a march by the city of Dunedin and took aim at her with a .22 rifle.

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The would-be murderer hid himself in a toilet on the 5th building of a circuitously building and kept a watch for the coming stately couple.

He was half a kilometre divided from the Queen when he pulled the trigger as she stepped out of the Rolls Royce and a noisy moment echoed among the crowd.

But the shot missed and whistled past her head.

Queen was 'almost assassinated' by 17 year old gunman in 1981, ex policeman reveals
Christopher John Lewis certified he had fired a .22 pistol at the Queen as she was getting out her Rolls Royce (Picture: Reuters)

Aside from a brief moment of confusion, the throng and the Queen continued as normal and the New Zealand police began a cover up that would bury any and all of the evidence.

Former Dunedin police officer Tom Lewis, who worked on the case, told Stuff: ‘You will never get a loyal file on that. It was reactivated, regurgitated, pieces pulled off it, other fake pieces put on.’

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When the press began asking questions a few hours after the shot, they were told that the sound had been a lamp-post descending over.

The police after changed the story to a fire cracker being let off.

Police stumbled opposite Lewis when he and 3 friends were arrested over an separate armed spoliation and Lewis began revelation them all about his attempted assassination.

Queen was 'almost assassinated' by 17 year old gunman in 1981, ex policeman reveals
The Queen and Prince Phillip are seen arrived in New Zealand (Picture: Getty)

They described him as looking like something out of a child director primer and they after questioned him eight times about the assassination attempt.

He even led them to the toilet which he had taken the shot from and stashed the .22 description pistol.

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Despite his acknowledgment that he wanted to kill the Queen, and make himself the many famous murderer on the world in the process, his initial charge of fraud was forsaken and he was charged with possessing a firearm in a open place, discharging a firearm and a serve 15 charges including aggravated spoliation and arson.

The teen was jailed for just 3 years for these charges and police began orchestrating a cover up.

Bizarrely, he claimed that he had been told to kill the sovereign by an Englishman called the Snowman who told him he suspicion the Queen should be ‘knocked off’.

Queen was 'almost assassinated' by 17 year old gunman in 1981, ex policeman reveals
Despite revelation to the attempt, Lewis was charged with possessing a gun in a open place
Queen was 'almost assassinated' by 17 year old gunman in 1981, ex policeman reveals
Queen Elizabeth is seen during a walk about in New Zealand (Picture: Getty)

The youngster told police that he was not frightened of anything, solely the Snowman, who he met at a coffee residence in Dunedin.

Snowman allegedly told Lewis about the far-right transformation that was commencement to get movement in New Zealand, heading Lewis to start to dream about heading his own internal militant cell.

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According to the police officer who was creatively reserved to the case, Tom Lewis, the orders came from the primary apportion at the time, Robert Muldoon, as he was shocked that the Royals would exclude to revisit if they found out about the tract to murder Her Majesty.

The police even went as distant to send Christopher Lewis and his partner on a tax-payer saved holiday to Great Barrier Island for 10 days when the Queen returned to New Zealand in 1995 over fears that he would try to kill her again.

In his memoirs he pronounced that during this holiday, where he was given spending income and free accommodation, he felt like royalty.

Queen was 'almost assassinated' by 17 year old gunman in 1981, ex policeman reveals
Lewis was sent on a tax-payer saved holiday during another revisit by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in 1995

It was not just the Queen who Lewis fantasised about killing.

During his bonds in a psychiatric trickery in 1983, plans were detected in his dungeon detailing a tract to kill Prince Charles, Princess Diana and a immature Prince William during a visit.

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He had a distant from required childhood and was concerned in sparse crime from his infirm years, eventually leaving school at the age of 15 after a series of expulsions, his first being in Kindergarten for pulling another child off a slide.

Other expulsions were for reasons such as showing porn to his classmates, tipping over desks and personification with matchsticks.

He was after accused of the murder of Auckland housewife Tania Furlan, who had been kick over the conduct with a hammer, and the abduction of her six-week-old daughter Tiffany, who was after found in a church yard 18 kilometres divided from her home.

Lewis was detained in Mt Eden Prison to wait trial, but he committed self-murder in his dungeon in 1997 at the age of 33.

His partner pronounced that zero seemed out of the typical solely he declined her offer to put income in his bank account.

He confirmed that he was trusting of the murder of Tania Furlan until his death.

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