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Man wins $7.5m payout after breaking hip shopping watermelons in Walmart

Man wins $7.5m payout after breaking hip selling watermelons in Walmart
Walmart pronounced the volume was extreme (Picture: AP)

A man has won a $7.5 million payout after descending while selling watermelons in Walmart.

Henry Walker was selling at the Phenix City store in Alabama when his foot got stuck in a wooden pallet and he fell and pennyless his hip.

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The then 59-year-old’s lawyers claimed the pallet was not manifest when reaching for a watermelon.

Attorney Shaun O’Hara pronounced confidence camera footage exhibit several other shoppers had held their foot in the same way.

The 2015 occurrence sparked a extensive loosening case in which Walker claimed Walmart had a avocation to ‘exercise reasonable care, to say and keep its premises in a reasonable protected condition, and to advise the open of vulnerable and dangerous conditions’.

He sued on a loosening explain and a spontaneity claim.

A jury found in preference of Walker on both.

He claimed the damage changed his life. The Army maestro used to play basketball with friends 3 times a week, but now has to use a walker.

O’Hara said: ‘You don’t design to go into a grocery store walking excellent on your two feet and come out on a stretcher.

‘The jury of twelve members of this village positively suspicion it was a satisfactory outcome after conference all of the evidence.

‘This tumble totally changed Henry Walker’s life as he is no longer means to do bland activities that many of us take for granted.’

Walker received $2.5 million in saving damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

Walmart pronounced the volume he was awarded is extreme and it plans to fight the ruling.

A Walmart orator said: ‘We are unhappy in the verdict.

‘We conclude the jury’s service, however we trust that the damages awarded were extreme in light of the contribution in this case. We devise to appeal.’

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