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Pancake Day race scrapped for health and reserve since of breeze and rain

Killjoys cancel pancake race on health and reserve grounds
The eventuality has been renouned in prior years but will not be holding place currently (Picture: BNPS)

A pancake race that was due to take place currently has been cancelled since it was found that it competence be dangerous to have people using on ‘wet, murky grass’.

Organisers pronounced they were left with no choice but to cancel the eventuality after the Met Office likely complicated rain and 40mph winds at the time the eventuality was scheduled to take place.

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They pronounced that the weather foresee for Christchurch, Dorset, would have done the eventuality ‘unsafe’ and ‘unpleasant at best’.

A orator for Christchurch Food Festival said: ‘Our first priority is everyone’s reserve and sleazy weed with clever winds and rain is not a good multiple for tossing pancakes while running.

‘As you will appreciate, the health and reserve component of people using on sleazy grass, as good as breeze and rain, creates the whole eventuality unsafe.

Killjoys cancel pancake race on health and reserve grounds
Many people have voiced their dismay at being told they won’t be means to race currently (Picture: BNPS)

‘In addition, with the weather like that we are doubtful to get an assembly anyway.’

They added: ‘It would be dangerous for people to run on wet, murky grass. In further high winds would make the eventuality upsetting at best.

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‘A series of us have worked for some weeks on organising the pancake race, and so it is very unhappy for us to have to confirm to cancel. It is many really not a decision we have taken lightly. Sorry.’

One person slammed the decision to cancel the race on social media as another instance of the ‘nanny state’.

He said: ‘Yep there it is, that old nanny state cobblers of health and safety.

‘When we was at school we used to do cranky country using in rumble storms, what is the matter with the soothing snowflakes in the universe today.’

But others took to Facebook to demonstrate magnetism to the organisers after the vicious involvement from the weather.

Colette Neaum said: ‘Sad but you’ve done the right decision under the circumstances. There’s always next year.’

Annette Hibberd said: ‘Sad and dauntless decision.’

Amanda Arkell added: ‘What a flippin’ shame!’

The race was scheduled for 9am currently and entrants will accept a full refund.

A Met Office orator said: ‘The organisers were right (to cancel the event) since there is some severe weather coming.

‘We design 40mph gusts via the morning and some complicated rain. It will be very upsetting and we may issue a weather warning for the area..’

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