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Man ‘tried to eat napkin’ in Michelin-starred restaurant

Man 'tried to eat napkin' in Michelin-starred restaurant
The napkin served in the grill (Picture: Tracy Ann Oberman/Twitter)

Whatever happened to the common plate?

Nowadays it seems that you’re some-more likely to get your food served to you on a wooden lumber than on ceramic.

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And it seems the universe of excellent dining can’t conflict the allure of a trend which seems to be treacherous celebrities and the open alike.

According to Twitter, the husband of ex-Eastenders singer Tracy-Ann Oberman tried to eat a napkin served on a retard of mill in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Yep, I’ll let you take a notation to review that judgment again.

Man 'tried to eat napkin' in Michelin-starred restaurant
The food was served on interesting-looking plates (Picture: Tracy Ann Oberman/Twitter)

Oberman – who is best famous for personification landlady of the Old Vic Chrissie Watts – took to Twitter to impact the grill run by distinguished cook Martin Berasategui.

She and husband Rob Cowan were confused by the Spanish restaurant’s take on haute cuisine, observant the entertain bouche was ‘served with a bend that bordered on eremite fervour’.

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And to serve supplement to their confusion, the span were served a white plate in a rope-bound retard of mill which Cowan proceeded to take a punch out of – only to find out it was his napkin.

According to the Mail Online, the 51-year-old wrote: ‘You know it’s a Michelin star when the napkins are arrogant with water in a Neanderthal carver holder.

‘Rob tried to eat it. They were horrified. Bloody Michelin pretentiousness.

Man 'tried to eat napkin' in Michelin-starred restaurant
Posts were destined at Twitter comment ‘We Want Plates’ (Picture: Tracy Ann Oberman/Twitter)

‘Delicious food served by acolytes of nonsense on receptacles of pristine folly. #minireview.’

She destined her posts at Twitter comment We Want Plates, which says it is on a ‘global electioneer against portion plates on pieces of timber and roof slates’.

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Posting to the cook she added: ‘Your food was exquisite, your display a tad pretended but your staff were so patronising. It’s a grill not a church.’

Berasategui has eight Michelin stars opposite his 12 restaurants, where a 14-course tasting menu can cost up to £200 and an ‘oyster with iced cucumber slush’ costs £44.

The menu is emblazoned with the difference ‘we would destroy the suggestion of these dishes if we served them in very vast portions.

‘I only detect the following dishes in tiny portions with the abruptness of 3 or 4 mouthfuls.’

Is it not famous at which of Berastagui’s restaurants the span ate at.

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