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‘We like having the name on the buildings’: Eric Trump blasts ‘maddening’ stories of Trump-Russia business ties

eric trump
Eric Trump in an interview
on Fox News.


President Donald Trump’s son, Eric, vehemently dismissed
claims that his father had business ties to Russian government
officials in an talk Sunday.

In an talk with Fox Business horde Maria Bartiromo, the
president’s son dubbed stories outlining ties
between Russia and the Trump Organization “ridiculous,”
observant the claims were “a little bit maddening.”

“It actually infuriates me,” pronounced Eric Trump, who stepped into
the role of executive clamp boss of the Trump Organization
progressing this year.

“We have no projects in Russia,” he added. “If we had projects in
Russia, you’d have the name on those projects. We’re not exactly
diffident about hiding the name. We like having the name on our
buildings, including Trump Tower.”

Eric Trump also blasted Democrats who have suggested
intensity business ties between Trump companies and Russia.
Apparently referring to Russian hacks of the Democratic National
Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s
email, Eric said party leaders should take greater
precautions with cybersecurity to equivocate hacks. 

“Their party lost an election and they indispensable to try and put
someone else down. And there’s 0 law behind it,” he said.
“I’d like to see that party take an central demeanour at themselves.
Maybe the leaders of that party shouldn’t be making the password
to their computers ‘password,’ maybe start there. It’s

Eric Trump’s comments came as congressional and
intelligence-community inquiries continue into Russia’s
nosiness in the 2016 election.

Trump’s business ties to Russia have faced heightened scrutiny

amid revelations
of top Trump campaign figures’ cozy
relations with Russian officials, which some have been
demure to disclose.

countless attempts to build hotels in Russia
, the Trumps
indeed do not own any real-estate properties in the country. The
infancy of Trump’s famous ties include
work with Russian financiers and developers on
several projects in the US, as good as some of his top
campaign aides’
consultations with Kremlin allies

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