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Soldier reveals what it’s actually like to live with PTSD

Soldier reveals what it's like to live with PTSD
Jamie Jones went on 3 tours with the Army in Afghanistan (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

A infantryman left traumatised after nearby death practice in Afghanistan says portion in the Armed Forces busted his life.

Jamie Jones went on 3 tours in the country as a soldier, driver, medic, fight tracker and a member of a medical depletion group during his 6 years of service.

But he says the horrors of all that he saw and gifted have left him battling serious basin and anxiety.

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The 25-year-old, from Penrhyn Bay, Wales, left the forces 3 years ago.

He has been rigourously diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which means he finds it impossibly formidable to socialize and finish bland tasks.

Jamie says he is losing friends since of his mental ill health.

‘The only place we feel protected is at home,” Jamie said.

Soldier reveals what it's like to live with PTSD
Jamie Jones is campaigning for better diagnosis for ex-servicemen and women (Picture: Daily Post Wales)
Soldier reveals what it's like to live with PTSD
Jamie says the support of his partner Stacy ‘keeps him going’ (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

‘My earthy health and mental health is deteriorating. I’m showing signs of OCD and my charge has turn worse.

‘I don’t wish to be around people. we don’t nap many nights either.

‘I feel as if my life is over at the age of 25.’

Jamie – who is about to turn a father for the first time – says he takes antidepressants, beta blockers, sleeping tablets and clever pain medication.

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He says the support of people around him, including his partner and a coach with a Welsh maestro charity, gives him strength.

‘My partner Stacy is shining with me, as is my GP and Change Step coach Phil Williams, they keep me going,’ he said.

The former warrior believes he was too immature when he assimilated the army at 18.

‘I done the wrong choice,’ he said.

‘Just out of school we found myself at Camp Bastion. we consider we was distant too immature to be there.’

In 2009, a lorry he was in was blown up by a homemade bomb in Camp Bastion, the former British Army airbase in Helmand Province.

‘I scarcely died,’ Jamie said.

Soldier reveals what it's like to live with PTSD
Jamie served with 3 SQN RAF Regiment in Afghanistan (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

He also says he feels guilty for soldiers he was incompetent to save while operative as a medic.

‘Once we couldn’t get an intravenous season into a bleeding solider, he indispensable a blood transfusion.

‘He after died and I’ve got to live with that guilt.

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‘I saw so many casualties but the opinion we found in the army was always to “man-up”.

‘I left the forces in 2014 since we just couldn’t bear it any longer.’

Now Jamie is campaigning for associate veterans to get some-more entrance and support to help with their recovery.

He hopes to get internal councils on house to give a year’s free gym membership to veterans as a hearing to see if it could support recovery.

‘It will help change people to go out to the gym and meet people pang in the same way,’ he said.

‘I just wish to make a disproportion and make myself and associate sufferers better too.’

Mike Priestley, Jamie’s internal councillor in Conwyy, north Wales, came out in support of the idea.

He said: ‘On the face of it we consider Jamie’s thought is a good one and I’m peaceful to support it.

‘We should be looking after the vets, I’ll bring it to the courtesy of the Armed Forces Champion in Conwy, Liz Roberts.’

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