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Police gave children feign guns to fire ‘terrorist’ targets on a banishment range

Police gave children feign guns to fire 'terrorist' targets on a banishment range
They were taken to a banishment operation and given feign guns (Picture: SWNS)

Kids on a school outing were given feign guns and photographed sanctimonious to fire ‘terrorist’ targets on a banishment range.

Photos from the day out show Year Three pupils grinning as they swing plastic pistols and appurtenance guns in front of life-sized posters of attackers.

The children, aged 7 and eight, spent two hours at the West Midlands Police firearms training centre in Aston, including practising their ‘shooting’.

They seemed to enjoy it – but some relatives pronounced it sent the wrong messages, generally as some don’t let their children play with fondle firearms at home.

The force was accused of glamorising guns at the outing organized for Kings Norton Primary School in Birmingham on Jun 19.

Police gave children feign guns to fire 'terrorist' targets on a banishment range
They had feign appurtenance guns (Picture: SWNS)

The outing was organized by police after pupils sent letters of support to officers after gripping them protected following the new terror attacks in Manchester and London.

But relatives voiced their regard over the trip, accusing the school of ‘sending out the wrong message’.

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One dad, who only wanted to give his first name, David, said: ‘Explaining to children about because there are police carrying guns on the streets is one thing but actually getting them to poise up shouting while sanctimonious to fire these weapons at, who? Terrorists? Well that sends out the wrong summary in my book.

‘The police even put out a press recover on the internet, entitled ‘Ready, aim…smile!’ I’m contemptible but we don’t see anything remotely contented about lifting a gun.

Police gave children feign guns to fire 'terrorist' targets on a banishment range
They also rode in police cars and used the radio (Picture: SWNS)

‘What it does is glamorise guns and creates sharpened terrorists zero some-more than a game.

‘Children should be taught about terrorism in the same way as they are taught about foreigner risk and highway safety.’

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One Twitter user said: ‘Mmmmmm kids with guns like that… is that a good lesson? Great to see rendezvous though…’

Another said: ‘I do very much appreciate you guys for what you do but must acknowledge I’m a bit frightened by this picture.’

A Facebook user said: ‘Why? Which theme area does this cover? Since when did replacing cooking gardening with sharpened ranges turn a life skill?

‘I entirely get and support that children need to reconstruct certainty in the police services, we just consider there were better ways of doing so then personification aim practice.’

Police gave children feign guns to fire 'terrorist' targets on a banishment range
Kings Norton Primary School, Kings Norton, Birmingham (Picture: SWNS)


Deputy Headteacher Dawn Chapman shielded the trip, saying: ‘Many of the children had pronounced how they’d seen some-more police in Birmingham and officers carrying guns.

‘We wanted to highlight to them that they shouldn’t feel frightened and that the officers were there to keep people safe.

‘It was a really good contention and it finished with the children observant they’d like to write letters to the police to contend thanks.

‘It was a lovely warn for us to be invited to the police bottom and the pupils had a illusory time, generally on the operation and using the sirens and flashing lights; as you’d design the loud things valid quite popular.

‘Quite a few of the children pronounced how they’d like to be police officers.

Sergeant Mike Dunbar said: ‘It’s good that children are having discussions in school about issues such as security, we wish children to feel at palliate coming and speaking to the officers.

‘For children to be frightened of seeing police, or see them as an intimidating management figure, is the last thing we want.

‘You can see from the photos and from the looks on the kids’ faces on the day that they all had a smashing time, they were the VIPs for the day and it was a pleasure to horde them.’

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