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First ever Alcoholics Anonymous museum muster opens

First ever Alcoholics Anonymous museum muster opens
It contains photographs, letters and articles (Picture: SWNS)

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous can now compensate loyalty to its work by visiting the first ever museum display dedicated to the support group.

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow hosts the exhibition, which includes early photographs, documents, letters and journal clippings.

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It sum the society’s story and ongoing work from its first assembly in Scotland in 1948.

The assembly was held in a church in Perth, and was attended by 6 men.

David McDonald, chair of Glasgow Life, said: ‘AA Scotland play a hugely profitable role in all areas of multitude today, charity wish and liberation for those who wish it.

First ever Alcoholics Anonymous museum muster opens
Since coming to the UK, AA has helped thousands of people (Picture: SWNS)

‘This new display charts the organisation’s story in Scotland. Since its first assembly in 1948 AA has helped thousands of people opposite the country who have been influenced by this illness.

‘Glasgow is unapproachable to horde the world’s first museum display on AA, as reliable by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, New York.

‘It is a good payoff to be partial of it. We wish it will surprise people of the group’s inestimable work and, for those who may need it, act as a signpost towards the help which is available.’

AA is suspicion to have been brought to Sir Philip Dundas, who had trafficked to the US to find out about the organisation’s work.

First ever Alcoholics Anonymous museum muster opens
Henrietta Dundas, the grand-daughter of Sir Philip Dundas, unveils the exhibit (Picture: SWNS)

It is estimated some-more than one million weekly meetings are held worldwide, nonetheless the organization keeps no personal information on its members and asks only their first name.

AA member Martin said: ‘AA does implausible work in every village in Scotland. As a member I’m celebrated to have helped put this muster together.

‘I wish anyone who sees it and who feels they could advantage from going to a assembly will take that first, mostly daunting, step and go along. we am evermore beholden we did.’

The exhibition, patrician Darkness into Light: The story of Alcoholics Anonymous in Scotland, runs until Jan 18 next year.

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