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Stepmom accused of forcing kids to lick toilet faces new charge

A Texas lady accused of making her stepchildren lick toilets covered in feces and forcing them to puke as punishment is confronting a new claim of child abuse.

Sara Anne Woody was recently charged with damage to a child with critical corporeal damage scarcely a year after a grand jury indicted her on 27 depends of damage to a child, disabled, or aged person in Aug 2016, the Times New Record reported.

Her strange bond was set at $3 million, but was after reduced. She connected out of Archer County Jail on Friday and her case is still pending, according to the newspaper.

The slew of charges are secure in an review from Mar 2016, when police were called to examine the probability of abuse when one of Woody’s stepsons, no older than 14 at the time, landed in the hospital.

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The child suffered from a distended and cut mouth that was painful on possibly side as good as additional bruising on his face and chest. Detectives pronounced the injuries — some of which seemed fresh while others seemed old — were a outcome of blunt-force trauma, according to an detain confirmation obtained by the Record News.

His father, Jonathan Darrell Woody, pronounced the injuries were simply the outcome of severe housing, nonetheless detectives remarkable they seemed to be some-more unchanging with assault.

Jonathan was also arrested and charged with 3 depends of child endangerment and one charge of declare tampering in Jun 2016, Dallas News reported.

The immature teen reportedly told investigators the injuries were the outcome of his mom attack him with a steel ladle 6 times. He combined that his 25-year-old stepmom would force him to splash something that would make him vomit, hit him with a paddle and done him lick the toilet as punishment.

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He also removed how she hit one of his brothers in the genitals for wetting the bed and how she would kick him with a tent hang if he sleepy from the exercises Woody forced him to do, according to the newspaper.

Two of the boy’s siblings, 12 and 7 at the time, during an talk at the Paty’s House Children’s Advocacy Center, also claimed Woody done them splash an apple cider vinegar reduction as punishment for holding food.

When detectives first saw the older child they believed he was only 7 or 8 since of his tiny size.

A fourth child in the residence was diagnosed with post-traumatic highlight disorder.

Details surrounding the new allegations have not nonetheless been released.

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