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Trump reportedly thinks Porter is ‘sick,’ and guilty, but still defends him publicly from charges of domestic abuse

rob porter donald trump
Porter with President Donald Trump.

Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

  • US President Donald Trump reportedly thinks Rob Porter,
    the former White House staff secretary accused of beating
    mixed women, is “sick” and guilty.
  • But Trump has publicly shielded Porter, with the White
    House job for due routine for the accused.
  • Reports prove that the White House already knew
    about the allegations against Porter and that Trump simply
    valued his loyalty.

US President Donald Trump may have a some-more nuanced perspective of the
play engulfing the former White House staff secretary Rob Porter
than he lets on — and he may be station by an fan he personally
considers guilty.

Four sources close to
Trump told the news website Axios’ White House correspondent,
Jonathan Swan, that Trump saw Porter, who stepped down last
week amid allegations of domestic violence, as “sick” and guilty.

Axios pronounced Trump had review aloud an essay describing allegations
of abuse by Porter and had problem reconciling the report with
Porter’s neat, Harvard image. The
Daily Mail essay reportedly review by Trump contains detailed
allegations of assault by Porter against his second ex-wife
while they were married, and other women have given come forward.

Axios pronounced Trump noticed men who kick their wives in the same way
he did child molesters — as “sick puppies” who will never change.

The behind-the-scenes stating differs from Trump’s public
invulnerability of Porter.

Team Trump goes all out on fortifying Porter

kellyanne conway screenshot
Conway on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

around @CNN/Twiter

On Saturday, Trump tweeted that “lives are being cracked and
broken by a small allegation” and called for due routine in
what was widely interpreted as a invulnerability of Porter. Furthermore,
after Porter left the White House,
Trump wished him good fitness and pronounced he had “a good career ahead
of him.”

Reports that pivotal members of the White House knew about the
allegations prolonged before they became open last week have

tormented the White House, with the idea that Trump
simply valued his loyalty. Some pivotal Trump administration
officials have, however, voiced startle at anticipating out about the
allegations only recently.

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway, advisor to Trump,
done the rounds on the Sunday domestic shows to denounce
domestic assault while also fortifying the White House’s jumbled
response to Porter’s

Amid the scandal, a 2012 twitter of Trump’s comments on the
domestic-abuse case involving the musicians Chris Brown and
Rihanna has been making the rounds again. “If @rihanna is
dating @chrisbrown
again then she has a death wish. A beater is always a
beater–just watch!” the old
Trump twitter said.

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