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Trump reportedly starts his days after since he wants some-more ‘executive time’ to watch TV and tweet

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Donald Trump reportedly watches 4 to eight hours of TV every

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  • President Donald Trump has shrunk his daily schedule
    since he wanted some-more “executive time” to watch TV and tweet,
    the news site Axios reports.
  • He reportedly has 3 hours of “executive time” every
    morning and another few hours of it during the day.
  • That’s in further to the time he spends examination cable
    news and going on Twitter every dusk after timid to the
    private residence.

President Donald Trump’s central daily report is getting
shorter since he wants some-more time to watch wire news and go on
Axios reported Sunday.

Trump — who’s pronounced in the past that he wakes
up at 5 a.m. — now starts his days at 11 a.m. after holding three
hours of “executive time” in the Oval Office, many of which he
spends in his private chateau examination TV and perusing Twitter,
the report said.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Axios
that Trump’s “executive time” in the morning “is a brew of
chateau time and Oval Office time but he always has calls with
staff, Hill members, cupboard members and unfamiliar leaders during
this time.”

Trump’s media habits are good documented, from his voracious
expenditure of wire news to his bent to fire off impulsive
tweets when he’s dissatisfied with the way he’s portrayed in the
media. According to The New York Times, the only
people allowed to hold the TV remote are Trump and the technical
support staff. The Times pronounced the boss watches at slightest 4 — and up to
eight — hours of TV daily.

That indicate was echoed by a Washington Post report
published last April, which pronounced Trump turns on the TV as shortly as
he wakes up, watches intermittently via the day, and
continues late into the dusk when he retires to the private

According to a duplicate of Trump’s private report that was shown to
Axios, the president’s central days last from about 11 a.m. to 6
p.m., and infrequently they finish before that. He also takes some
“executive time” in between, in further to the 3 hours every

On Tuesday, for instance, Trump’s day will last from 11 a.m. to
4:15 p.m. Two hours and thirty mins out of that day are
clinging to “executive time.” 

On Wednesday, in further to the 3 hours of “executive time”
he’ll have in the morning, Trump has an comprehension lecture at
11 a.m. and another 3 hours of “executive time” until a
assembly with the Norwegian Prime Minister. 

After his days finish — around 4 p.m. on shorter days and 6 p.m. on
longer days — Trump customarily goes back to the chateau and
watches TV, creates phone calls, and goes on Twitter. 

In the nascent stages of his presidency, Trump’s days would begin
progressing and finish later, but he reportedly didn’t like that
report and pushed to start after and finish earlier.

While aides told Axios that Trump is always busy, they combined that
he was harder to control once the day ended. 

“Once he goes upstairs, there’s no handling him,” one White House
help told the Post last April.

Trump customarily watches a horde of
wire news networks, starting his mornings off with CNBC’s
“Squawk Box,” Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” which
is hosted by Maria Bartiromo, and Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.”
Trump has regularly praised “Fox and Friends” for its favorable
coverage of him, while blustering networks like MSNBC and CNN for
their some-more vicious coverage of his administration and policies.
He has called the latter “fake news” on a series of
occasions, both in open and on Twitter. 

At night, The Post’s report said, the boss occasionally
“hate-watches” wire news shows that are vicious of him,
infrequently articulate on the phone with friends while doing so.

“The President is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen and
puts in prolonged hours and prolonged days scarcely every day of the week all
year long,” Sanders pronounced Sunday. “It has been remarkable by reporters
many times that they wish he would delayed down since they
infrequently have difficulty gripping up with him.”

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