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The last Democrat to win an Alabama Senate race after became a Republican — and did not opinion for Roy Moore

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)
Sen. Richard Shelby

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

  • The last time Alabama voted for a Democratic senator
    was in 1992.
  • That senator, Richard Shelby, became a Republican two
    years later.
  • Shelby is still a Republican senator for Alabama, and
    did not opinion for Roy Moore, who lost the special election there
    on Tuesday night.

Doug Jones’ election feat on Tuesday night, the last
Democratic senator inaugurated in Alabama was Richard Shelby, in
1992. Shelby was primarily a Democrat, and first inaugurated to the
Senate in 1986. But in 1994 — two years into his second term —
Shelby switched parties.

“I have no goal of switching parties,” he had said
two months before the swap. “I can be some-more effective inside
the Democratic Party by moving them to the right.

Shelby’s burst came one day after Republicans won both houses of
Congress in the 1994 midterm elections, gripping Shelby in the
infancy party. He was the first Senator to barter between the two
parties in 30 years.

Seven years later, Shelby, who had regularly
voted against President Bill Clinton on narrow-minded issues, told

CNN in 2001 that he had been “glad to leave” a party he no
longer concluded with, and felt the decision took a weight off of
his back.

“I just crossed the aisle and voted just like I’ve always been
voting,” Shelby told CNN.

Shelby was a quarrelsome voice in the Senate special election in

did not opinion for the controversial Republican claimant Roy
Moore, instead opting for a write-in candidate. He urged Alabama
electorate to do the same.

Speaking with CNN, Shelby said
“the state of Alabama deserves better.”

“I didn’t opinion for Roy Moore,” Shelby said. “I wouldn’t opinion for
Roy Moore. we consider the Republican Party can do better.”

Senator-elect Doug Jones’ campaign subsequently rolled out

robocalls featuring Shelby’s comments days before the

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