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The building of the Jakarta Stock Exchange has collapsed, injuring at slightest 72

Jakarta floor
Stock Exchange

Harvey/ Twitter

  • The second building of the Jakarta Stock Exchange
    collapsed on Monday afternoon.
  • At slightest 72 people have been taken to
  • There are no reliable reports of fatalities.
  • The Indonesia Stock Exchange has reopened.

Dozens of people have been harmed after the second building of a
Jakarta Stock Exchange building collapsed Monday afternoon.

At slightest 72 people were taken to internal hospitals, Argo Yuwono, a
comparison commissioner for Jakarta Police said,
according to CNN.

According to correspondent
Adam Harvey with the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, who
is on the scene, the roof of the building’s run fell onto
the accepting area, where a Starbucks is located.

People in the run were hit by descending masonry, and pictures
posted by Harvey show waste and vast pieces of broken metal
that have depressed to the floor.

A worker on the 23rd building told Harvey they felt the building
shake after conference a shrill “thud.” The building was then
evacuated. An employee at the World Bank, which has an bureau in
the same building, told the BBC a mezzanine
turn had come down.

Local hire MetroTV showed footage of people using out of the
building and some people fibbing on the belligerent nearby the entrance.

A police
orator told MetroTV, “we are still questioning the
cause, but for now the priorities are the casualties.”

It is not transparent at this theatre if there have been any fatalities.

The occurrence occurred around 12:30 p.m. internal time, during the
midday trade break. Markets have reopened given the break.

“A hundred percent of bourse members are connected and safe.
Bourse complement is not affected,” pronounced sell arch Tito
Sulistio, as cited by Reuters.

The IDX Building is comprised of two 32-story towers. Tower two,
where the fall occurred, was finished in 1998.

This is a building story. Click
here for updates.

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