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These are the 15 easiest universities in the UK to get into

A_view_of_Birkbeck,_University_of_LondonBirkbeck, University of London, is located in Bloomsbury, and is one of the easiest universities in the country to get a mark at.Wikimedia Commons/Tubslubeamorepersempre

The Complete University Guide has expelled its 2018 ranking of UK universities, divulgence which onse are the many formidable — and the easiest — to get a mark at.

The annual report ranks the 129 UK institutions formed on a series of opposite metrics, holding into comment variables such as entrance standards (using the normal UCAS measure of new students), tyro satisfaction, investigate quality, and connoisseur prospects.

In the UK, “UCAS Points” are a way of measuring the relations value of all post-16 qualifications. They are distributed by converting hearing results into the following numerical scores: A*=56, A=48, B=40, C=32, D=24, and E=16.

The report’s ranking of entrance standards therefore offers an accurate picture of how formidable it is to get into any university opposite the country.

For context, the “entry standards” of the UK’s top two universities — Cambridge and Oxford — come in at 592 and 570 UCAS points respectively, while for the UK university that is easiest to get into, the normal UCAS measure of students entering is 244 points.

Scroll down to see the 15 easiest universities to get into in the UK, along with the normal UCAS measure of any university’s new students.

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