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An American sidestep fund is promotion for a £124k pursuit that offers to solidify employees bodies’ when they die

cryonics isn’t a elementary procession yet.

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The San Fransisco-based sidestep fund Numerai is currently advertising
for a full smoke-stack engineer

You would be paid flattering good — $130,000 to $160,000 (or about
£100,000 to £124,000) — to rise the numer.ai batch marketplace app,
and work with the group of mathematicians and appurtenance learning

There’s also the employee perk of having the event to be
“cryonically preserved” after your death.

Yes, the company is charity its employees the possibility to be
shipped off to Alcor
when they die
, so their bodies can be emptied of fluids and
recorded in the wish they can
one day be revived
if medicine advances enough.

According to the ad, this is since “Numerai cares about its
employees over their authorised deaths.”

The use involves dropping the physique heat to -196
degrees Celsius and replacing all corporeal fluids with a reduction of
organ refuge and antifreeze chemicals called a
cryoprotectant. That’s so your blood doesn’t solidify and puncture
your cells. The routine customarily costs about £100,000, but it’s
cheaper if you just wish to get your brain frozen.

In an talk with
, Numerai founder Richard Craib pronounced he was
desirous by his own membership to Alcor.

“If you wish to have a possibility of vital much, much longer, then
either cryonics gives a 5 percent possibility or a 10 percent
chance, it’s still very good value for money,” he said. “When I
satisfied you could do it by a life insurance policy, then
you’re only profitable a few hundred dollars a month for the chance
of almighty life.”

There are several technological skills the ideal claimant should
have, including coding languages and a “keen seductiveness in
cryptocurrencies.” They should also be proactive, optimistic,
passionate, contrarian, honest, and should “seek law above what
is easy or creates you demeanour good.”

If this sounds like the ideal pursuit for you, you can request here.

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