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17 ways we pretence myself into going to the gym

workout crunches exerciseIt’s an ascending battle. (Also, nothing of these people are me, since we never wish a picture of me sportive on the internet.)Daniel Boczarski / Stringer / Getty Images

My gym membership costs $90 a month.

I know.

Really — we know.

Yes, we have tried to negotiate, and yes, I’ve looked into other gyms, but after joining my Manhattan sequence on a corporate bonus that was about $20 reduction than we now pay, we couldn’t bear to leave the gym when we went back to municipal standing after changing jobs. we adore the teachers! we know the schedule! The locations are so convenient!

That’s how they get you.

Anyway, the cost of my gym is what it is, and we paid for a year in allege just to get that rate. So we better make it worth my money. Every night that we “don’t feel like going” means I’m wasting cash, and as someone who would be naturally good matched to those hover chairs from Wall-E, there are lots of nights we need to spin “don’t feel like” into “can’t wait.”

How do we force myself to go? Below, I’m admissing the proclivity tricks that get me off the cot and onto the spin bike. we can’t pledge they’ll work for you — we can’t even pledge they’ll continue to work for me — but this is what works right now.

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