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Roy Moore’s wife says they are not anti-Semitic since one of their attorneys ‘is a Jew’

The wife of Roy Moore, the controversial claimant for a US Senate chair in Alabama, shielded accusations that her husband is a bigot. Following is a twin of the video.

Kayla Moore: Fake news would also have you consider that my husband doesn’t support the black community. Yet, my husband allocated the very first black organise to the Alabama autarchic court. Mr., Mr. Willie James. When he first took bureau as arch probity many years ago he brought with him 3 people from Etowah County, two were black and one of them is here tonight. We have many friends that are black and we also brotherhood with them in church and in the home.

Fake news would tell you that we don’t caring for Jews. we tell you all this since we have seen it so we just wish to set the record true while they are here. One of the attorneys is a Jew. We have very close friends that are Jewish and rabbis and also brotherhood with them.

Fake news, they are the ones that are annoying and they should be ashamed for getting concerned in this election for the opponent. We have been invaded, the town, the community, the church, the family, the records, the friends to embody every person that we have ever known. So, I’m gonna ask you, have they finished this to the opponent? No! This is a sovereign election and in my opinion, they should be held accountable.


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