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Trump just floated a new, improbable way for Mexico to ‘indirectly’ compensate for the wall

Trump Nieto Mexico
Trump and Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto arrive for a
press discussion at the Los Pinos chateau in Mexico


  • President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal
    that Mexico will “indirectly” compensate for the limit wall through
    renegotiated terms of the North American Free Trade
  • Trump also pronounced he would lift the US out of NAFTA if he
    didn’t get a “Trump deal.”

President Donald Trump, in an talk published Thursday,
claimed that Mexico could compensate for his due wall along their
limit with the US “indirectly” around changes to
the North American Free Trade Agreement.

In the talk with The Wall Street Journal, Trump pronounced that
the stream negotiations over changes to NAFTA — the massive
US-Mexico-Canada trade understanding implemented in 1994 — would need to
produce a good understanding for him to determine to a new version.

The boss also pronounced renegotiated terms could count as Mexico
profitable for his due wall along the border. He did not contend how
that would work or offer justification to support the assertion.

They can compensate for it indirectly by NAFTA,” Trump told
the Journal. “We make a good understanding on NAFTA, and, say, I’m going
to take a tiny commission of that income and it’s going toward
the wall. Guess what? Mexico’s paying.”

When asked about either he dictated to keep the US in NAFTA more
broadly, Trump told the Journal that the new agreement would need
to be “a Trump deal” in sequence to get him on board.

Trump also pronounced that he would be “a little bit flexible”
with the understanding given Mexico is
going by a presidential election year.

“They have an election coming up sincerely shortly,” Trump
said. “I know that creates it a little bit formidable for

Canadian officials
told Reuters on Wednesday that they trust Trump plans to
lift the US out of the agreement by the finish of the month. The
report caused currencies for the
3 member countries to go wild.

Read the full talk at the Wall Street Journal »

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