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Theresa May told to stop making ‘silly macho’ Brexit threats to Tory MPs

Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa


  • Theresa May threatens Tory MPs to get in line or risk
    Corbyn apropos PM.
  • Ministers, including the unfamiliar secretary Boris
    Johnson, told they could be sacked as May reasserts her
  • But distinguished backbench MP Anna Soubry attacks
    May’s “foolish” and “macho” threats as
  • MPs ready to discuss Britain’s exit from the

LONDON — Theresa May has been told to stop her “bullish, macho”
and “silly” threats to Tory MPs to tumble in line over Brexit, as
MPs ready to discuss Britain’s exit from the EU.

Parliament is set to start its hearing of the supposed Great
Repeal Bill after this week. The bill, which is designed to
capacitate Britain to disentangle its authorised ties to the EU, is
doubtful to be voted down by Parliament.

However, a series of Tory rebels are mulling either to vote
against the supervision on aspects of the bill, which would hand
ministers unconditional powers to change laws post-Brexit.

Government whips have secretly warned Tory MPs to tumble in line
on the check or risk Jeremy Corbyn apropos PM. The hazard of a
cupboard reshuffle is also being held over the heads of ministers,
who have been blamed for lecture against the primary minister.

But Conservative backbencher, and heading soft-Brexit
supporter Anna Soubry, currently warned the PM to put an finish to the
“silly” threats, which she pronounced were partial of an proceed to
politics which had cost the party its infancy at the last
ubiquitous election.

“I suspicion we had deserted this arrange of rather bullish, macho
way of doing business over Brexit,” she told the “Today”
programme on BBC Radio 4.

“We lost the infancy so all has changed and one of the
reasons we consider we lost the infancy was since of that rather
silly, foolish, bullish opinion as we report it.”

Boris out?

Boris Johnson
The unfamiliar secretary,
Boris Johnson

Oli Scarff/Getty

The Times
reports currently that the PM is deliberation reshuffling her top
team, with unfamiliar secretary Boris Johnson lined up for a
demotion to party chairman.

Sources told the paper that “May’s calm with the foreign
secretary is wearing thin,” and lifted the awaiting of rising
Conservative romantic favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg being brought
into cabinet.

Mogg is sloping as a intensity deputy for May and the PM’s
allies wish to put him to the test. They indicate to Johnson’s
underwhelming opening as unfamiliar secretary and trust that a
identical predestine could succeed Mogg.

“It’s good to be the fun uncle who turns up to see the children,
stuffs their mouths with McDonald’s, takes them on the
rollercoaster, winds them up before bedtime and then walks away.
The grown-ups have to understanding with the consequences,” one source
told the paper.

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