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The architects of the US woe program contend the CIA called them ‘pussies’ when they tried to stop

Abu Ghraib jail Iraq woe detainee abuse Iraq war
picture obtained by the Associated Press shows Sgt. Michael Smith,
left, with his dog Marco, examination a detainee at an unspecified
date in 2003 at the Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad, Iraq. Military
psychologists were enlisted to help rise some-more aggressive
inquire methods, including snarling dogs, forced nakedness and
prolonged durations of standing, against terrorism suspects, according
to a Senate investigation.


One of the two military psychologists who combined the “enhanced”
inquire techniques used by the CIA in the years after 9/11
testified progressing this year that CIA officials called them
“pussies” when they wanted to stop waterboarding detainees, the
New York Times reported on

The two psychologists, Drs. John Bruce Jessen
and James Mitchell, are now being sued by the American
Civil Liberties Union on interest of some of the former

“‘You guys have lost your spine.’ we consider the word that was
actually used is that you guys are pussies. There was going to be
another attack in America and the blood of passed civilians are
going to be on your hands,” Mitchell pronounced CIA officials told him
and Jessen when they asked to stop waterboarding detainees.

Thirteen of the
inquire techniques grown by the two psychologists were
approved by
the Justice Department in 2002 and 2005.

In 2014,
the Senate Intelligence Commitee expelled a report criticizing
the inquire program as “brutal” and “deeply
flawed” and observant that many of the
techniques constituted torture.

Many human rights groups have also criticized the
inquire program as torture, arguing that it violated
Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, which prohibits
the woe and inhumane diagnosis of prisoners of war. The

 administration argued, at the
time, that the detainees were not technically prisoners of

Jessen and Mitchell seem to have taken opposite stances on
the program in recent years, the Times said. Mitchell has
publicly shielded the program, while Jessen “remained

But now, as defendants under deposition, the two men
explain to have had reservations about the methods, even saying
that they wanted to stop the use of waterboarding at one

torture 0 dim thrity
A woe stage from Zero
Dark Thrity


Jessen pronounced in the deposition that, when they did, “[CIA
officials] kept revelation me every day a nuclear explosve was
going to be exploded in the United States and that since we had
told them to stop, we had lost my haughtiness and it was going to be my
error if we didn’t continue.” 

Despite devising and training others to lift out the
inquire techniques, and their business getting paid $81
million to do so, Jessen and Mitchell also both explain they
were not the architects of the program, the Times said.

The hearing is scheduled to start on Sept. 5.

The New York Times exposè, which includes video of the
depositions, is accessible here»

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