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Rep. Jackie Speier apologizes for feeble spun tarantula metaphor

Oh, what a tangled web she wove.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) released a mea culpa to “Tarantula-Americans” on Monday after spinning a scientifically false spider embellishment about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ties to Trump associates.

“Apologies to all Tarantula-Americans who we inadvertently annoyed by suggesting u spin webs. Sending a basket of insects to nearest burrow,” Speier tweeted, including a carelessly designed striking of a tarantula usurpation her apology.

The congresswoman’s arachnid gaffe came amid Monday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing, during which FBI Director James Comey announced his group was questioning links between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

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“In terms of trying to know this, we consider of a spider web with a tarantula in the middle. And the tarantula, in my view, is Vladimir Putin, who is entrapping many people to do his behest and to rivet with him,” Speier pronounced at one point.

By way of example, she cited former Trump advisers Roger Stone, Carter Page and Michael Caputo; Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross; ephemeral Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort; and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — all of whom have come under inspection for purported ties to Russia.

Speier tweeted her impertinent reparation after several people forked out tarantulas don’t spin webs to ambuscade prey.

Marshal Hedin, a highbrow at San Diego State University and boss of the American Arachnological Society, helped interpretation the web of misinformation in an email to the Daily News.

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“American tarantulas have silk glands, and can furnish silk,” Hedin said. “But this silk is used to line burrows, strengthen eggs, etc, as is not used for building elaborate capture webs done from silk.”

Journal of Arachnology editor-in-chief Deborah Smith offering identical wisdom, adding that tarantulas may use silk to “leave a reserve line if they go erratic divided from their burrows for a while. Sex involves silk too, but we won’t go there…”

“However, there ARE tarantulas that spin webs. For example, the pink-toe tarantulas, which are renouned pets among those who like that arrange of thing, mostly live in trees and have a smooth nest,” Smith told The News in an email. “However, tarantulas do not use the silk as their categorical prey-capture tool. They wait for chase to walk by their burrows, or leave the den or silk nest and actively hunt.”

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