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CUBAN: Here’s my idea to Trump on infrastructure spending

Mark Cuban

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Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban has a idea for
President-elect Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan: Make certain to
spend some cash on robotics.

In a Sunday night post on his blog, Blog Maverick, Cuban pronounced a “big chunk” of
the $1 trillion Trump offer should be spent on investigate and
development, software, and pattern for robots “and every other
facet of the robotics industry.”

Cuban pronounced that if he were spending the money, he’d allot 10%
— or about $100 billion — to the effort.

“Unfortunately, zero of the companies that actually make the
robotics are formed here in the USA,” wrote Cuban, the owners of
the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. “That’s a problem that needs to be
solved. We need to help rise domestic companies much like we
did the electric-car and breeze and solar industries. Even if it
means trying to help collect winners.”

“We have to win the robotics race,” he continued. “We are not
even close right now.”

Cuban combined that China, South Korea, and European countries are
charity billions in credits to support their robotics
industries, since the US spends a fragment of that.

“That ain’t gonna work,” he wrote. “The good news, if there is
any, is that according to the report, China is only spending $3
billion dollars a year on robotics. We need to fast pass them

“Why is this so important?” he continued. “Because technological
change always accelerates. It never stagnates over time. Which
means we are going to face the fact that if zero in the States
changes, we will find ourselves contingent on other countries for
almost all that can and will be made in a quickly
coming future.”

While many Americans voted for Trump in hopes of stunting
globalization or stunting the fast augmenting automation of
jobs, Cuban pronounced Americans “have to face the fact” that jobs are
going to be lost to robotics.

“The only doubt that needs to be answered is which country
will create and own the best robotic record and have the
infrastructure required to capacitate it,” he wrote. “Right now it’s
not the USA, and that needs to change. Our ‘infrastructure’
spending should demeanour forwards, not backwards, so that we can be
the robotics heart of the world.”

Trump’s infrastructure devise calls for $550 billion of
the $1 trillion offer to be publicly funded, and his pull for
increasing infrastructure spending has been some-more vocally favored
by congressional Democrats rather than Republicans.

Cuban, who was a distinguished believer of Democratic presidential
hopeful Hillary Clinton and a censor of Trump on the campaign
trail, recently dubbed Trump the country’s “No.
1 breeze pick

“He’s who we put the hopes and dreams with, and we’re going to
trust in him,” he said. “Right now it’s a little bit easier
since we haven’t played a diversion yet.”

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