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Boris Johnson accuses Remainers of a catastrophic ‘betrayal’ in trying to stop Brexit

Boris Johnson


  • Boris Johnson accuses anti-Brexit supporters of making a “disastrous mistake”.
  • The Foreign Secretary says those trying to stop Brexit are formulating a “betrayal” of the referendum vote.
  • He says Remainers are apropos “ever some-more determined” to stop Brexit
  • However, Johnson concedes that “many” Remain supporters have “noble” aims.
  • MPs from conflicting the House of Commons criticize Johnson’s debate for lacking piece and deleterious Britain’s global image.

LONDON — Boris Johnson currently accused Remain campaigners of making a “disastrous mistake” to try and stop Brexit, observant that they risked formulating “permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal” among those who voted to leave the EU.

In a major debate at the Policy Exchange consider tank in London, Johnson accused politicians, such as the Conservative MP Anna Soubry, of attempting to “frustrate” Brexit.

“I fear that some people are apropos ever some-more dynamic to stop Brexit, to retreat the referendum opinion of Jun 23 2016, and to perplex the will of the people,” he said.

“I trust that would be a catastrophic mistake that would lead to permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal. We can't and will not let it happen.”

He pronounced a second opinion on Brexit would be hugely deleterious to the country.

“I contend to my Remainer friends. More people voted for Brexit than anything in the story of this country. we contend in candour, if there was another vote, it’d be another year of misunderstanding and wrangling in which the country would be the loser,” he said.

Johnson denied being a “reactionary Farageist” however and used his debate to “recognise that feeling of grief and alienation” among Remain supporters, observant that Brexit was a means for “hope” not “fear”.

“I recognize that feeling of grief and disunion given I’ve listened it so mostly from friends, family, and people hurling abuse at me on the street,” he said.

“But if we are to lift this devise by to inhabitant success – as we must – then we must also strech out to those who still have anxieties,” he added.

“I wish to try currently to anatomize at slightest some of those fears and to show to the best of my ability that they are unfounded, and that the very conflicting is customarily true: that Brexit is not grounds for fear but hope.”

In a prejudiced try to strech out to Remain supporters, the Foreign Secretary conceded that “many” Remainers are encouraged by “noble sentiments”.

“Is this the time now for the referendum winners to gloat? Should we lay back and wordless self-satisfaction? we don’t consider we should. It’s not good adequate now for us to contend to Remainers ‘get over it, you lost’.”

“Because we must accept that many are actuated by wholly eminent sentiments, a genuine clarity of oneness with the European neighbours and a enterprise for the UK to succeed,” he said.

Johnson called on May to practice stricter immigration manners after Brexit and stop the upsurge of “low skilled, low wage” workers from the EU.

Writing in the Sun in allege of his debate Johnson claimed that EU membership had led to the salary of “indigenous” British people to being suppressed.

“We also need to ask ourselves some tough questions about the impact of 20 years of rash immigration by low-skilled, low-wage workers — and what many see as the accompanying termination of salary and disaster to deposit scrupulously in the skills of inland immature people,” he wrote.

However, he denied that Britain would turn “insular” after Brexit.

“It’s not about shutting ourselves off. it’s about going global.” he said.

“It is not a V sign from the cliffs of Dover, it is the countenance of a legitimate and healthy enterprise for self-government…that is certainly not some conservative Faragist concept.”

Johnson’s comments were described by anti-Brexit campaigners as “hypocrisy of the top order.”

“He has so distant unsuccessful to explain because he is campaigning in Cabinet to take the U.K. out of the etiquette kinship when there is no other solution to the Irish limit issue and it will imperil the Good Friday Agreement settlement,” Labour MP and Open Britain supporter Chuka Umunna said.

“He has unsuccessful to explain because the Government has unsuccessful to start negotiating new trade deals when the campaign he led betrothed we would do so immediately after the Leave vote.”

“Boris Johnson needs to come purify and concur that we can't have the cake and eat it when leaving the EU. His debate is on Valentine’s Day, not Apr Fool’s Day.”

The unfamiliar secretary’s debate is the first of 5 major Brexit speeches by comparison members of May’s government. The primary apportion is approaching to broach her own debate in Munich on Saturday.

“Waffly, bumbling, empty”

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston criticised Johnson’s debate in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday afternoon.

The MP for Totnes accused the unfamiliar secretary of ignoring the unsentimental hurdles posed by Brexit and deleterious Britain’s global image. She also urged the supervision to dump its “relentless confidence bias” and make a “serious speech” about how it intends to solve issues posed by leaving the EU, such avoiding a tough Irish border.

Conservative MP Soubry, who is one of Parliament’s biggest critics of the government’s Brexit plan, pronounced Johnson’s debate showed he has unsuccessful “to know the very genuine concerns” of British business.

Soubry claimed Johnson and other Brexiteers were “not correct Conservatives” in an talk with BBC Newsnight last week.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna described the debate as an “astonishing practice in hypocricy.”

Umunna, who chairs a cross-party, grassroots campaign for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, said: “His devise would see Britain disjoin trade ties with the largest trade partner, break protections for workers, consumers and the environment, and imperil the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, a theme he didn’t even worry to mention.”

He added: “The scaremongering, mistruths, miss of fact and complete negligence for the mercantile realities of Brexit were an shocking throwback to the referendum campaign. More than 18 months given the referendum, this was simply some-more of the same Project Fantasy.

“He lectures others about betrayal, nonetheless he is unrepentant about the lies he has peddled, be it on how Brexit will broach £350m additional a week for the NHS, the ridiculous explain that Turkey was joining the European Union, or the avowal that Britain would immediately start negotiating new trade deals with countries around the universe when there have been none.”

Labour MP Yvette Cooper described the unfamiliar secretary’s debate as “waffly, bumbling, empty” in a twitter posted shortly afterwards.

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