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Photo captures the accurate moment Obama schooled of the Sandy Hook shooting

barack obama white residence sandy hook
President reacts as John Brennan briefs him on the sum of the
shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The
President after pronounced during a TV talk that this was the
misfortune day of his Presidency.”

House/Pete Souza

  • Former White House photographer Pete Souza prisoner the
    moment in 2012 when President Barack Obama schooled of the Sandy
    Hook shooting.
  • Souza recently described the moment to Business
    Insider, reflecting on the way Obama’s appetite appears to just
    “zap” out of his body.

Former President Barack Obama has pronounced the misfortune day of his
presidency was Dec 14, 2012, the day a gunman killed 20
first graders and 6 adults at an facile school in Newtown,

Pete Souza, the former arch central White House photographer,
prisoner the absolute moment
in the Oval Office when the boss perceived the news from
Homeland Security confidant John Brennan. The photo shows Obama
disposition against a sofa, his shoulders hunched, arms crossed, and
eyes sealed as he listens.

“In the picture, you see just kind of the appetite just zap out of
the president. we consider he was meditative of this not only as a
president, but devising what it must be like as a parent,” Souza
told Business Insider shortly
before the five-year anniversary of the shooting.

“The horror of promulgation your six-year-old child off to school, you
put in on the school bus, and you never see them again because
some crazy man shot them to death, point-blank, at their school.”

barack obama sandy offshoot shooting
wipes divided a rip as he delivers a summary to the American people
on Dec. 14, 2012.


Shortly after the photo was taken, Obama spoke to reporters in
the White House press lecture room in an romantic matter that Souza pronounced was
“probably when he cried for the first time.”

“This evening, Michelle and we will do what we know every primogenitor in
America will do, which is cuddle the children a little tighter and
we’ll tell them that we adore them, and we’ll remind any other
how deeply we adore one another,” Obama said.

“But there are families in Connecticut who can't do that
tonight. And they need all of us right now. In the tough days to
come, that village needs us to be at the best as Americans. And
we will do all in my energy as President to help.”

On Thursday, former White House press secretary Jay Carney also
shared his memory of that day
on Twitter, job it his misfortune day at the White House.

“I saw my routinely stoic boss mangle down,” Carney said. “I lost
my restraint at the briefing. As a parent, we could not comprehend
the horror of #SandyHook. we consider of those trusting children, and
their dauntless teachers, all the time.”

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