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New body-cam video shows a police officer killing an unarmed man during a moving hotel corridor encounter

screenshot police killing daniel shaver
still from the newly-released video moments before Daniel Shaver
was shot and killed.

around @ShaunKing/Twitter

  • A newly expelled video depicts a Jan 2016 incident
    in which a police officer shoots an unarmed man after another
    officer berates and intimidates him.
  • The officer in the video was clear on Thursday of
    second-degree murder.
  • The victim was shot in a hotel corridor after police
    were called to respond to reports of someone indicating a gun out
    of a window.

A newly-released video
shows an Arizona police officer sharpened and killing an unarmed
man in Jan 2016 after the man, who was great and vagrant for
his life, finished a mistake in complying with his orders.

The physique camera footage was
expelled on Friday by the judge presiding over
Officer Philip Brailsford’s hearing after
Brailsford was
clear on Thursday for the killing.

The victim, 26-year-old harassment control worker Daniel Shaver, was
staying in the La Quinta Inn Suites
 Mesa, Arizona while on a business outing when police
perceived a call that someone was indicating a gun out of the window
of the hotel, Newsweek reported. While Shaver had reportedly been
showing off a particle gun to two guest that night, according to
witnesses, he was unarmed when the police confronted him in the
corridor of the hotel.

In the video, Brailsford is seen station by as
another officer, Sgt. Charles
 commanded Shaver to get on the building and
yield towards him, all while berating him and intimidating him
with death threats. Shaver seemed to be complying with his
orders, and can be listened pathetic as he crawls
towards Brailsford and Langley. But after Shaver reached
back toward his breathe leg, Brailsford shot him 5 times
with his AR-15, desiring he was reaching for a gun.

“Please don’t fire me,” Shaver begged Brailsford,
moments before his death.

After being charged with second-degree murder in May 2016,
Brailsford was clear after reduction than 6 hours of
concern by a jury, Vice News reported.

During the trial, Brailsford confirmed that he did nothing

“If this conditions happened accurately as it did that time, we would
have finished the same thing,” Brailsford
settled in court.

“There are no winners in this case,” Brailsford’s counsel Michael
Piccarreta said after
the outcome was announced. “Mitch Brailsford had to make a
split-second decision on a conditions that he was lerned to
commend as someone sketch a arms and had one second to

Shaver is survived by his wife and two daughters. His wife and
relatives are filing a prejudicial death fit against the Mesa Police
Department, according to Vice News.

A prior chronicle of this essay indicated that it was
Brailsford who was speaking in the video. The voice in the video
is in fact Sgt. Langley’s.

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