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Trump predicts the attack in Paris will have a ‘big outcome on presidential election!’

Donald Trump Paolo Gentiloni
President Donald Trump at the White House on


US President Donald Trump on Friday morning likely that the
prior evening’s attack in Paris would have a “big effect” on
the first turn of the French presidential election this weekend.

“Another militant attack in Paris. The people of France will not
take much some-more of this,” Trump
. “Will have a big outcome on presidential election!”

One French police officer was killed and two others were injured

during a sharpened at the Champs-Elysees on Thursday night
The gunman — who was incarcerated and expelled as recently as
Feb for melancholy a police officer — was killed on the

A second think has incited himself in to the Belgian police, AFP

Islamic State claimed responsibility
for the attack through
Amaq, a news organisation compared with the militant group. French
President Francois Hollande
pronounced shortly after the attack
that authorities were convinced
it was “terrorist-related.”

Trump had formerly
addressed the sharpened during a news conference
with Italian
Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Thursday.

“First of all, the condolences from the country to the people of
France,” Trump said.

“Again, it’s happening, it seems, we just saw this, we was walking
in, so it’s a terrible thing. It’s a very, very terrible thing
that’s going on in the universe today, but it looks like another
militant attack and what can you say? It just never ends. We
have to be clever and we have to be observant and I’ve been saying
it for a prolonged time.”

The French presidential election is seen as a four-way race
between eccentric Emmanuel Macron, Conservative former Prime
Minister Francois Fillon, far-right National Front personality Marine
Le Pen, and Socialist Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Bremmer, the boss of the Eurasia Group, said
on Twitter
of Trump that “in France, as today’s twitter creates clear, he’s
rooting for Le Pen.”

Jake Kanter and Pamela Engel contributed to this report.

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