This extraordinary film shows what Iraq was like in a 1950s, before decades of conflict


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In Apr 2014, a 20th-century film residence British Pathé digitized some-more than 80,000 of a films and put them on YouTube.

“Ageless Iraq” is one of them, shot in a 1950s to deliver “a new country” to a world, “one that hasn’t lost a glories of a history.”

Since this film was made, Iraq has been a site of steady dispute and atrocities — chemical warfare, narrow-minded violence, a US-led invasion, and now ISIS’ shell opposite a country. Many observers consternation either Iraq will even be means to tarry as a single, awake domestic unit.

Despite a movie’s aged Orientalist tone, it is still a differing sign that zero in story is unavoidable and that there was a time when even one of a world’s many cryptic countries seemed like it was on a earnest trajectory. 

You can watch a whole film here and here.

An progressing chronicle of this essay was created by Pierre Bienaimé and Armin Rosen.

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