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South Korea may have broke Kim Jong Un after invitation to Pyongyang — and North Korea doesn’t wish to speak about it

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Korea’s favoured conduct of state Kim Yong-Nam (L), with Kim Yo-Jong,
North Korean personality Kim Jong-Un’s sister and South Koran
President Moon Jae-In at National Theater on Feb 11, 2018 in
Seoul, South Korea.

South Korean
Presidential Blue House around Getty Images

  • Kim Jong Un invited South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in
    to revisit Pyongyang, but Moon gave a non-committal
  • Moon’s miss of unrestrained meant the offer was not
    publicized by state-run media in North Korea.
  • However, by promulgation Kim’s sister North Korea indicated
    its earnest in hosting an Inter-Korean summitt which Moon
    is still likely to accept.

As North Korea’s commission to the Winter Olympics returned over
the weekend, the country seemed to totally omit an
invitation Kim Jong Un had extended to South Korea’s President
Moon Jae In.

Sunday’s frontpage of Rodong Sinmun, the central journal of
Korea’s statute party, prominently featured a assembly between Moon
and Kim’s sister,
Kim Yo Jong, but finished no discuss of the invitation.

The day prior, at one of the high-level meetings between the two
countries in years, Moon was invited to Pyongyang “at an
early date,” and responded to the North Korean commission by
saying, “Let’s create conditions to make it happen.”

According to experts, its probable North Korea may have
taken the response as a slight.

“Invitations extended by the Supreme Leader are not
ostensible to be declined, and President Moon Jae In was rather
neutral about his intentions to meet with Kim Jong Un “when
the right conditions exist,” Leonid Petrov, a Korean studies
consultant at the Australian National University, told Business

“Certainly, this lukewarm response is not excusable for the
North Korean propaganda.”

Despite Moon’s somewhat fugitive response, Petrov believes North
Koreans would have been vehement about the first step towards a
new Inter-Korean limit that could open discourse about potential
assent on the Korean peninsula.

But it was a formidable position for Moon, who is in foster of
discourse with North Korea but has suffered
a decrease in capitulation ratings since spearheading efforts
to have a corner Korean participation at the Olympic Games.

There’s also story and responsibility to contend with 
before the last two Inter-Korean summits, in 2000 and 2007, the
limit was redeeming on South Korea giving North Korea large
sums of money.

But the invitation to revisit Pyongyang was hardly a

“In East Asia critical business is traditionally finished only
by personal contacts, where trust-building routine may take
time before the parties feel 100% assured to open their cards
and team-up to grasp the larger common goal,” Petrov

“It was approaching from the opening that by promulgation the highest
probable turn of negotiators — the nominal
President and the intensity heiress to the
regime  opposite the front-line, the North
Korean personality was critical about resuming the discourse with the
South,” he added.

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