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It took 3 months for news of North Korean soldier’s thespian desertion to strech typical citizens

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South Korean infantryman stands ensure nearby the mark where a North
Korean infantryman crossed the limit line at the equal encampment of
Panmunjom in the Demilitarized section (DMZ) dividing the two Koreas
on Nov 27, 2017


  • News of a North Korean infantryman who defected in November
    2017 has begun to widespread in North Korea.
  • The news came around towns along the Chinese border, which
    is where many North Korean’s unfamiliar hit occurs.
  • Olympic developments have been overshadowed by the
  • North Korea particularly controls news coming in and out of
    its country and frequency reports on defections.

Three months upheld before North Koreans found out one of their
country’s soldiers done a thespian defection

On Nov 13 2017, a North Korean soldier
dramatically defected to South Korea by using opposite the
Demilitarized Zone. The infantryman was shot at slightest 5 times and
done global headlines.

But in North Korea, where information is
frequency tranquil and defections frequency reported, citizens
have only just begun to hear about the soldier’s escape.

According to South Korea’s Daily
NK, it took scarcely 3 months for the news to mangle and it
is a some-more renouned contention indicate in North Korea than
the country’s commission to the Winter Olympics.

“North Korean merchants active in China have returned to North
Korea and began present the story of the fugitive soldier.
Parents who have children in the military are particularly
interested,” a North Korean-based source told Daily

North Koreans are also apparently astounded that South Korea went
to good lengths to save the soldier’s life, enabling him to have
a “new start to life.”

At the time, South Korea tried to promote the defection, and
unnerve troops, by broadcasting the news over the limit using
hulk set of loudspeakers. 

But historically many outward information has entered around China.
The prolonged limit between the countries is hard-to-monitor and has
allowed a black marketplace for Western products and USBs filled with foreign
calm to flourish.

Daily NK reports that news of the soldier’s desertion is now
swelling fast in this limit region, where there is also more
hit with foreigners.

The area is also customarily the land track defectors choose
according to Reuters, with some-more than 1,000 North Koreans
defecting to South Korea every year around China.

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