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Here’s what Robert E. Lee suspicion about Confederate monuments

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The assault that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the
weekend, in which one lady was killed and dozens some-more injured,
stemmed from a criticism led by white nationalists over the
due dismissal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Debates about the dismissal of Confederate statues have been
ongoing for years, and opponents of stealing the monuments often
rebuke such
proposals as an try to erase history.

However, “it’s mostly lost that Lee himself, after the Civil
War, against monuments, privately Confederate fight monuments,”
Jonathan Horn, a Lee biographer, told PBS.

After the Civil War, Lee perceived several letters requesting
support for the construction of Confederate memorials, according to Horn.

In Jun 1866,
he wrote that a relic of one of his best generals, Thomas
“Stonewall” Jackson, wasn’t “feasible at this time.”

In Dec of that year,
he wrote of another due Confederate monument: “As
regards the construction of such a relic as is contemplated, my
self-assurance is, that, however beholden it would be to the feelings
of the South, the attempt, in the benefaction condition of the
country, would have the outcome of retarding instead of
accelerating its accomplishment, and of stability if not adding
to the problems under which the Southern people labor.”

Not only did Lee conflict Confederate monuments, “he favored
erasing battlefields from the landscape altogether,” Horn

He even upheld getting
absolved of the Confederate dwindle after the Civil War ended. He didn’t
wish it drifting above Washington College, of which he was
boss after the war.

Robert E. Lee Statue CharlottesvilleChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“Lee did not wish such divisive black following him to the
grave,” Horn wrote. “At his
wake in 1870, flags were particularly absent from the procession.
Former Confederate soldiers marching did not enclose their old
military uniforms, and conjunction did the physique they buried.

According to Horn, Lee’s daughter wrote, “His Confederate uniform
would have been ‘treason’ perhaps!”

“Lee believed countries that erased manifest signs of polite war
recovered from conflicts quicker,” Horn told PBS. “He was worried
that by gripping these black alive, it would keep the divisions

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